A webcam installed recently by CoreMarine on HarshLab, the advanced floating platform-laboratory for the evaluation of materials, components and equipment in a real offshore environment, provided vivid testimony of the effects of Storm Epsilon.

The floating lab, moored off the Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP), some three kilometres from the coast, withstood extreme weather conditions, with eight-metre waves and winds of up to 20 knots.

Both the mooring lines and the infrastructure itself stood up well to the storm, and all tests in progress were able to proceed as planned.

This is the third consecutive winter for HarshLab since it was installed in September 2018. We are confident that after Storm Epsilon, the lab will continue to operate at full capacity.


We would like to take this occasion to congratulate the designers of HarshLab and thank all who have entrusted us with their testing requirements.